Nuvias News and Vendor Partners’ Showcase at InfoSecurity Europe 2019

London, UK - 31 May 2019 - Nuvias, the high-value EMEA distributor, will be announcing news and showcasing the latest products and technologies from leading cybersecurity vendors at InfoSecurity Europe,...

Versa Networks setzt auf Nuvias, um ab sofort sichere Cloud IPSoftwarelösungen in ganz Europa bereitstellen zu können

Versa Networks arbeitet ab sofort mit dem EMEA-weit agierenden Distributor Nuvias zusammen, um seine softwaredefinierte Branchen- und Sicherheitslösung für SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) europaweit anbieten zu können.

Nuvias awarded distribution for Poly

Building on its successful collaboration with Polycom, Nuvias Unified Communications (UC) is extending its remit to cover the entire Poly range - following the Plantronics acquisition of Polycom.

Versa Networks partners with Nuvias to offer Secure Cloud IP Software Solutions across Europe

Versa Networks, innovator of the Secure Cloud IP Platform, has chosen EMEA VAD Nuvias to bring its software-defined branch and software-defined security solution for wide-area networks (WANs) across EMEA.

Nuvias führt Unified Communications Practice* in EMEA ein

* ein Teilbereich der Nuvias Group, der sich auf Unified Communications fokussiert

Nuvias Group appoints new CEO

Simon England appointed as CEO of Nuvias Group

Die Nuvias Group beruft neuen CEO

High-Value EMEA Distributor beruft Simon England als CEO

Nuvias Appointed as a UK Distributor for One Identity

Nuvias Cybersecurity Practice strengthens identity access management solution range, to meet today’s demanding network environment.

Nuvias unterzeichnet EMEA-Distributionsverträge mit Dolby, BlueJeans und Kaptivo

Durch die Aufnahme von drei weiteren hochspezialisierten Herstellern weitet Nuvias sein Produktportfolio im Bereich Unified Communications in ganz EMEA aus.

Nuvias partners with CloudBees to deliver Devops Business Solutions across EMEA

Nuvias appointed as distributor for CloudBees DevOps Solutions in EMEA.

Nuvias and Kaptivo offer a fresh take on remote collaboration for EMEA businesses

Nuvias selected as exclusive EMEA enterprise distributor for Kaptivo’s innovative whiteboard collaboration solution.

Nuvias brings Dolby’s high-end, intelligent conferencing to the modern business world

A NEW pan-EMEA distribution agreement between Dolby and Nuvias will extend availability for high-end video and audio conferencing solutions across EMEA