Tintri sorgt für eine On-Premise-Datacenter-Infrastruktur mit Cloud-ähnlichen Attributen, die der öffentlichen Cloud Konkurrenz machen.

Their all-flash architecture uses a building block approach just like the public cloud – a simple design, that is agile and ready to scale.

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Like public cloud, only private

With Tintri’s CONNECT architecture, your customers can guarantee application performance, automate common IT tasks, troubleshoot their infrastructure, and predict scaling needs. It’s an infrastructure created for the cloud era that behaves like the public cloud, but is private.

Importantly, the Tintri approach escapes the legacy physical architectures many adversaries have remained wedded to. As such, Tintri offers everything your customer will need to assemble the foundations of a modern data centre infrastructure and their own enterprise cloud. From here they’ll be able to manage multiple workloads from a single array, pack more virtual machines into the same capacity, and better serve the applications that matter.

Organisations of all sizes are now turning to Tintri as a smart solution for virtual desktops, databases and servers, DevOps and cloud – especially because their hypervisor-neutral technology easily integrates with existing server ecosystems, and will support multiple concurrent hypervisors in the same solution without having to provision new storage.

As needs change, your customer will simply add another node and scale-out. It won’t be a surprise, either, as predictive analytics looks up to 18 months ahead to forecast capacity requirements. Furthermore, powerful automation, the result of an array of different plug-ins, quickly snaps Tintri into almost any environment. Finally, your customer will love the fact that even non-technical personnel can issue requests and save IT teams additional work by using familiar interfaces like Slack and Alexa.


Warum Nuvias und Tintri?

Nuvias ist ein gut etablierter Tintri-Vertriebshändler in wichtigen Regionen innerhalb von EMEA. Es unterstützt Vertriebspartner mit Bedarfsanalyse, Pre- und Post-Sales-Support, Installationen und ein umfangreiches Portfolio von Partner-Enablement-Services.

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