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Introducing Automated Security Validation from Pentera (UK) Meet the latest vendor in our Cyber Security portfolio. This webinar will introduce you to Automated Security Validation and learn how it can identify vulnerabilities in your customers estates. With Pentera you can test the integrity of your customers cybersecurity layers, unfolding true, current security exposures at any moment, at any scale. Find out how thousands of security professionals around the world use Pentera to guide remediation and close security gaps before they are exploited. 8/2/202311:00am GMT1 hour
Cyber Insurance – Meeting your customer's WAF requirements in 2023 Ransomware has more than doubled year-over-year, and attackers are targeting organisations of all sizes (Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report). As a result, insurance companies are seeing an increase in the number of claims due to losses incurred by ransomware attacks.

Insurers are now raising the bar on the security standards required to purchase cyber insurance, but many organisations are struggling to meet these new requirements. In addition to the tightening of insurance clauses, failure to comply with these new requirements can lead to marked increases in premiums, reduced coverage and in some cases, insurers declining to quote or provide renewal terms.

A risk control that insurers are focusing on at present includes having Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) in place for higher risk websites, failure to comply with this will usually result in risk improvement requirements.

In conjunction with Barracuda, join our webinar on the 23rd February at 2:00pm GMT where we’ll cover:

• Application security expectations from insurance companies.
• Common web application vulnerabilities, such as bot attacks, API security flaws, supply chain attacks.
• How a WAF can secure your customers from these vulnerabilities and keep cyber insurers happy.
23/2/20232:00pm GMT1 hour
Increase wallet share with Absolute Software Looking for increase your security revenues per endpoint?

Don’t miss our Secure Endpoint webinar where Cloud, together with Absolute Software, will explore the best ways to increase your revenue and the wallet share of your customers.

Join Edward Blake, VP Sales UK/I, Absolute Software, on Thursday 2nd March at 10:30 AM GMT to find out how Absolute:

• Gives customers constant visibility and control of their endpoints
• Allows their third-party endpoint security and mission-critical applications to be truly resilient
• Allows you to increase your revenue no matter what you sell
• Gives you annual recurring revenue
• Allows greater customer relationships
2/3/202310:30am GMT1 hour


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