Microsoft Unified Communications (UC) services require an Internet Protocol (IP) network and Session Initiation Protocol(SIP) trunking to enable communication inside and outside the organisation. With this comes unique challenges around security, as communications are now vulnerable to threats including Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, as well as toll fraud and theft of services.
Using intelligent Session Border Controllers (SBCs) installed at the edge of the network, SIP sessions and IP communications infrastructure used in Microsoft UC environments can be protected by examining traffic and repelling threats before they disrupt services. An SBC also brings other functional benefits including improving interoperability, routing, and performance.

Microsoft UC – Secured

The Nuvias UC Practice is focused on delivering solutions that capitalise on the benefits of IP and SIP-based communications without sacrificing security. To this end, we’ve gathered the broadest portfolio of Microsoft UC-accredited SBCs on the market. Accordingly, our solutions all provide:

  • Integrated signalling and media control
  • Flexible signalling support
  • Comprehensive control across security and SLA assurance
  • The highest levels of signalling performance
  • Support for a range of media capacities
  • Seamless integration with Enhanced Gateways to enable controlled migrations towards Microsoft UC

No matter the scope or scale of your customers’ requirements, we can recommend a solution that will deliver the security and performance they seek.

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