Software and applications are inseparable from business and are at the heart of digital transformation, driving innovation and giving rise to new business practices. Organisations are increasingly recognising that the fast turnaround of quality applications is a means to compete and gain market share, and DevOps is making this possible.

DevOps is a partnership between software development and IT operations that emphasises communication, collaboration and integration. It relies heavily on a collection of tools and processes that speed up innovation, so new software can be developed quickly and efficiently, whilst ensuring high levels of quality and security.

Why partner with Nuvias to grow your Application Optimisation business?

If you’re looking to explore the possibilities of DevOps, there’s no better partner to turn to. We support you from beginning to end, giving you and your customer the confidence that you’ve arrived at a viable solution.

A knowledgeable and well-resourced team at your disposal
Education and enablement of your own people to become more familiar with the technologies
Sales assistance capturing and closing your first opportunities
Extensive services for pre-sales, consultancy and implementation
Post-production support once the solution is live

Meet our specialist DevOps team

The Nuvias Application Optimisation Practice is our specialist DevOps team. As a strong team of engineers and sales specialists, we provide the tools and guidance you need to introduce DevOps to your customers or grow their DevOps function.

DevOps is an emerging discipline, so can feel risky and complex for those new to it. To help overcome this we’ve created a series of Nuvias-assured solutions – validated technology stacks that are pre-tested, pre-integrated and engineered for success. It ensures there are no surprises for you or your customer, just solutions that are ready to start adding value.

Our Capabilities

  • 2 DevOps specialist engineers
  • 1 DevOps sales specialist engineer

  • 5 Application Performance Management engineers
  • 9 Application Performance Management sales specialists

Application Optimisation Practice
Core & Complementary Vendors

Core Vendors

Complementary Vendors

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