Forcepoint is driven by an understanding of human behaviour and intent. Their purpose-built innovative technology, decades of experience and clear vision help solve critical security issues to protect employees, business data and IP.

Forcepoint offer a systems-oriented approach to insider threat detection and analytics, cloud-based user and application protection, next-gen network protection, data security and systems visibility. It’s a new approach to cybersecurity never seen before. And as technology and users’ needs evolve, Forcepoint are constantly looking to expand their offerings while staying true to their core in protecting the human point.

Through 20 years of frontline experience, proactive and context-based technologies, and data-centric, integrated solutions, Forcepoint enables better decision-making and more efficient security at the human point for more than 20,000 government organisations and enterprises world-wide.


  • Forcepoint Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
  • Forcepoint Email Security
  • Forcepoint Web Security
  • Forcepoint Next-Gen Firewall (NGFW)
  • Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention
  • Forcepoint Insider Threat
  • Forcepoint Data Guard
  • User & Entity Behaviour Analytics

Even with varying industry requirements and changing technological capabilities, protecting data and IP is the top priority across the board. Forcepoint offers a range of products that help secure your organization at the human point.


Why Nuvias and Forcepoint

Forcepoint’s offering provides value to Nuvias’ portfolio, particularly in areas such as cloud security, web security, and data management around GDPR. With decades of experience in cyber security distribution, Nuvias are in a prime position to offer partners real value when selling Forcepoint products

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