Work is no longer a place where you go or a time of day. It’s what you do, how you do it and getting stuff done. To do that, users customers depend on clear communication. Poly’s range of headsets your customers users to take communicate and collaborate anywhere, while tuning out distractions within all kinds of environments.

Whether users are searching for comfort for all-day wearing, a headset which they can use on various devices, or looking to take advantage of the active noise cancelling feature, Poly has the solution.

Enterprise devices available from Nuvias UC include:

  • Bluetooth headsets and headphones
  • DECT wireless headsets
  • USB headsets
  • Contact centre devices


Why Nuvias and Poly Headsets?

Nuvias has a proven pedigree selling Poly Headsets; multiple award-winners in the Poly channel, we are exceptionally proud to have had our expertise for creating value added solutions that deliver lasting value formally recognised. For partners looking to work with Poly Headset technology, we offer you a dedicated team of professionals to help fast-track your knowledge and work with you to create and close deals.

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