Data centre downtime is a costly business, interrupting access to applications and damaging user experience. Load balancing solutions have played a key role in achieving more reliable application service levels, but are notoriously complex, often hampering efforts to respond to new application requirements or security threats.

The pace of change and the drive to create infrastructure in software means many organisations are outgrowing the capabilities of their load balancing solutions and are turning to next-generation application delivery controllers (ADCs). They’re a path to fast, reliable, and secure access to applications and therefore superior, consistent user experiences.

A10 Networks Products

  • Thunder ADC
  • Lightening ADC
  • Thunder CFW
  • Thunder TPS
  • Thunder CGN
  • Thunder SSLi
  • Harmony Controller
  • aGalaxy

One integrated platform to protect and accelerate applications

A10 Networks is a leader in this space. Offering a host of physical and virtual appliances plus on-premise and cloud deployment models, they ensure server availability, security and accelerated content delivery by bringing together:

  • Application delivery and load balancing
  • DDoS protection
  • SSL decryption
  • Converged firewalls
  • Carrier-grade network address translation
  • Cloud-native and on-premise management platforms

Anywhere, anytime protection and optimisation is achieved by correlating insight around per-app performance, user experience and security, so application services can be tuned to perform better and be proactively defended, no matter where they’re being delivered from.


Why Nuvias and A10 Networks?

As an A10 Networks distribution partner, Nuvias offers all the support our partners need to confidently lead their customers through a project. From proof-of-concept and architectural design to implementation and ongoing support, everything necessary to deliver a first-class solution is available under one roof.