With the mobility explosion and the emergence of Wi-Fi as the primary network access technology, organisations are looking to the cloud for new efficiencies in network management and advances in user experience.

Aerohive’s cloud networking products are stepping up to this challenge, offering your customers a new dimension of networked experience. It’s essentially enterprise Wi-Fi infrastructure that leverages the cloud to attach services and enhance the network. Breakthrough levels of flexibility, agility, and scalability are achieved on-demand and users only ever pay for what they need. It’s perfect for those amongst your customers decentralising into smaller offices and encouraging home-working – saving time and reducing cost and complexity.

Aerohive Products

  • Access Points
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Network Management
  • Applications

The connected experience

Aerohive’s pioneering approach is based around their cloud-based Open Mobility platform. A flexible, expandable WLAN (Wireless LAN) architecture to simplify operations, custom-build applications, and achieve rich network insights to achieve maximum IT and business value.

Unlock the potential of mobility

The Open Mobility platform is composed of three core solutions that unlock the potential of mobility, and make networks easier to design, deploy, and manage:

  • Cloud Networking
    unified management designed to simplify administration with enhanced visibility and control.
  • Great Wi-Fi
    a fully distributed control architecture increases speed, scale, and resiliency.
  • Applications and Insights
    business and IT applications that increase engagement and fuel business intelligence.


Why Nuvias and Aerohive?

As an Aerohive distribution partner, Nuvias has invested heavily in the partnership. We’re ready to assist you with everything from education and enablement to proof of value, implementation and ongoing support.