Sycope focuses on the design and development of highly specialised IT solutions to monitor and improve network and application performance and IT security, both in on-premise architectures and in hybrid, private and public cloud environments.

With FlowControl, Sycope offers a dedicated solution for network traffic analysis and threat detection. It enables monitoring and anomaly detection. Implemented and based on the ATT&CK MITRE methodology, the security incident detection rules and mechanisms enable the detection of attacks and unwanted activities in the network. It provides a set of advanced indicators, reports and summaries based on the practical experience of 20 years of work for the largest companies and institutions in the world.

Sycope FlowControl besteht aus drei vollständig integrierten Modulen:

  • FlowControl XN — Network performance & visibility
  • FlowControl XNS – Network threat hunting
  • FlowControl XND – DDoS/DoS

Sycope FlowControl consists of three fully integrated modules: XN, XNS and XND. The XN module is the primary module that acts as a collector and simultaneously enables monitoring and analysis of network traffic.

The XNS module contains numerous rules and algorithms for analysing IT security incidents.

The XND module is responsible for detecting and blocking DDoS attacks. FlowControl captures, processes and analyses all parameters contained in NetFlow and related protocols, extended by SNMP data, geolocation and editable blacklists and whitelists of IP addresses. Among other things, the system analyses TCP/IP parameters in layers 3 and 4 (source and destination IP address, protocol, port), traffic attributes, and interface numbers by traffic direction (inbound/outbound), including the IP addresses of NetFlow-generating network devices. To monitor any network of any complexity and architecture, a single virtual appliance is sufficient, which reduces investment costs and shortens implementation time.

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Why Nuvias and Sycope?

Nuvias has many years of experience working with world-class vendors to enable resellers comprehensive network traffic analytics for their end users.

Sycope focuses on designing and developing highly specialised IT solutions to monitor and improve network and application performance as well as IT security. The solution can be deployed in on-premise architectures as well as in hybrid, private and public cloud environments.

Through the collaboration of Nuvias and Sycope, reseller partners will gain access to an exciting and innovative range of network analytic tools.

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