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An Introduction to the Juniper CMSP Program To help you gain a deeper understanding of how the Juniper Cloud & Managed Services Program (CMSP) can help elevate your Managed Services business, we are hosting a series of CMSP insight sessions and we would be delighted for you to join us.

These webinars are hosted by key members of the Nuvias team, instrumental in designing the program alongside Juniper. During each session we will walk you through the original premise of the program, how it has been designed with flexibility and partner choice in mind, to meet the needs of both you as an MSP and the ever changing demands of your clients. You will have an opportunity to look at the underlying Juniper technologies, available within the CMSP specialisations and learn how automation and AI will play a key role in MSP’s building a more scalable, agile, profitable and efficient Managed Service business.


* Introduction to Nuvias and the Juniper CMSP program
* An outline of the key factors and exciting market growth opportunities, which is driving demand for the CMSP
* Program benefits and how Nuvias will support you throughout your CMSP journey
* Partner choice – We take a look at the 3 paths for technology specialisation – Managed Networking & SD-WAN, Managed Security and Managed LAN & AI driven Wireless and how the program can be tailored to suit your business today and in the future.
* A demo of the Juniper Service Orchestration platform
* Q&A
6/10/20203:00pm BST1 hour
Juniper Mist Halloween Cocktail-Making Experience Welcome to this exclusive Virtual Cocktail-Making Experience to learn more about the wireless offering that’s scaring all the competition.

Find out how you can enhance, differentiate and win your Wi-Fi deals with AI-Driven intelligence, and create lasting relationships through superior subscription deals. Mist delivers exceptional scale and agility, with an inline AI engine for unprecedented insight and automation. Be part of the revolution that’s changing networking and wireless!! Don't forget to bring your glass, any ice and garnish so you can enjoy the cocktail-making experience.
29/10/20204:00pm GMT1.5 hours


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