Cisco, a world-leading technology manufacturer, creates products and key technologies that make the internet more useful and dynamic. These technologies include advanced routing and switching, voice and video over IP, networking, security, and broadband. Nuvias UC’s focus on Cisco is the unified communications portfolio.

The large company is well-positioned with a collaboration and cloud offering since its acquisition of Broadsoft, who, at the time, had an extremely broad reach with its own cloud calling platform.

Summary of products

  • Cisco WebEx services
  • Cisco BroadWorks & Cloud UC-One SaaS
  • MPP phones
  • Headsets

Marketing Resource/Featured Products

MPP Handsets

Cisco Multi-Platform Phones (MPP) bring Cisco’s brand quality to 3rd party hosted call control solutions such as Broadsoft, Ringcentral, Asterisk, Metaswitch and more. They are compatible with Dovetail and Nuvias UC provisioning for zero-touch for device monitoring and plug-and-play installation.

Cisco WebEx

Although Cisco WebEx needs purchasing from Cisco directly as a monthly subscription service, Nuvias will still work with you and your customers to provide all endpoints and build a suitable services package to guarantee a simple changeover from the current voice platform.


Why Nuvias and Cisco?

Nuvias UC (then SIPHON) was founded in 2009 as a systems integrator to support Service Providers launch innovative Cloud Telephony services via the deployment of various products to create a single, integrated and centralised platform – this leveraged BroadWorks at its core. Nuvias UC has a unique skill set and experience in delivering BroadWorks, and is highly experienced and skilled providing significant support in the design, deployment, and on-going support of BroadWorks platforms across IMS and NGN environments.

Due to our long-standing history with the underlying Broadsoft Platforms. Nuvias UC are also a trusted distributor to supply services which enhance the Cisco Cloud Calling service – Webex.

Although WebEx licences need purchasing as a monthly subscription from Cisco directly, Nuvias will provide all associated endpoints and build a suitable services package to ensure an easy transition from current calling platforms – from device configuration to enable the software to work automatically with new handsets, right through to installations, training and technical support. This way, we can ensure that users can adapt to the new platform and resellers can confidently advise on how to manage it.

Ultimately, the in-house services we provide make Cisco easier for all.

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