EPOS are part of the global audio technology group Demant. EPOS manufactures the previously branded ‘Sennheiser Communications’ portfolio for Enterprise audio businesses, co-branded as EPOS | SENNHEISER, while also introducing a new EPOS branded collaboration portfolio.

The EPOS portfolio of EPOS | Sennheiser headsets and EPOS speakerphones is based on pioneering audio technology. Designed to unleash human potential, their audio solutions aim to perfect user’s audio experiences by delivering innovative design and performance.

EPOS Products

Office & Contact Centre Headsets

When communicating via the Internet you should always have clear sound without background noise. EPOS’ Internet telephony, multimedia and VoIP headsets are engineered to give you the easiest and most trouble free communication with superb call clarity in supreme comfort. Whether you are communicating via Skype, listening to your favorite podcasts, watching a movie or in a conference call we have a headset that matches your needs and preferred wearing style.

Meeting & Conference Solutions

Whenever people have to rely on technology to communicate, its quality becomes a crucial factor for success. Reliability, speech intelligibility and ease of use are key here. Whether for a small meeting of the inner circle or a presentation before a large audience: EPOS offers user-friendly, highly developed system solutions in this field for just about every application.

Discover the simplicity of their meeting & online conferencing solutions – and make your teamwork just work. Whether for small meetings or large conferences: EPOS provide you with user-friendly, highly developed solutions for just about every application.


Why Nuvias and EPOS

Nuvias UC rigorously test headset and audio solutions from a wide range of market leading vendors to maintain a portfolio of best-in-breed technologies. EPOS are the latest addition to this portfolio bringing a brand with excellence in their DNA and a shared desire to shape the future of Unified Communications. Working together Nuvias bring EPOS’ legendary sound to office and conference rooms across EMEA


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