Collaboration is not just about technology but behaviour. To properly embed collaboration therefore, technology must support collaborative behaviours.

Users don’t want collaboration to only be something that can occur in the office – they want to be part of team productivity, not miss a beat and contribute to ideas generation wherever they go, using a workstyle that suits them. Equally, they want to be self-sufficient and able to fire-up the collaboration process themselves.

This is personal collaboration at work

Nuvias has composed various personal collaboration solutions that will help your customers immerse themselves in the business of collaboration to really drive results. We enable users to connect and collaborate face-to-face with colleagues, partners, and customers regardless of location or device, helping them participate in on-the-go meetings, stay plugged into the conversation, and close to the content that matters.

These solutions feature

Web-based functionality – host impromptu and scheduled meetings with people inside or outside the organisation to collaborate and engage using only a web browser and a web camera.

Desktop tools– including enterprise-grade soft clients and personal desktop systems which turn a personal workspace into a global meeting environment.

Mobile device support – enable rich collaboration for remote users across iOS and Android mobile devices.

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