Aternity transforms the employee experience in the digital workplace, with enterprise-scale analytics for every application, all transactions, any device, and all users. Aternity’s AI-powered visibility and self-healing control help IT optimize business application performance to improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction, mitigate the risk of IT transformation, and drive down the cost of IT operations.

When it comes to understanding how business-critical apps perform, traditional EUEM and APM tools fall short. Synthetic monitoring or sampled data lead to blind spots and delays in problem identification and resolution. With Aternity, you will see exactly what users see on their screen, no matter what type of app or device they are using. Aternity enables you to boost customer satisfaction and workforce productivity, shorten release cycles, improve app quality, and positively impact their bottom line.

Aternity Products

  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • End-User Experience Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Simplified high definition monitoring that is scalable, easy to use and deploy, and unifies APM visibility across end users, applications, networks, and the cloud-native ecosystem.

End User Experience Monitoring

Self-healing and visibility into the end user experience of every cloud, SaaS, thick client, or enterprise mobile app in your portfolio, running on any physical, virtual, or mobile device.


Why Nuvias & Aternity?

Nuvias have extensive experience working with channel partners to accelerate their customers digital transformation journey, enabled through performance monitoring and visibility tools.

When your customers embark on their cloud migration journey, Nuvias working with Aternity can de-risk the project, managing performance before, during, and after migration.

With proof of concept tools and demo capabilities Nuvias can quickly and easily demonstrate the benefits of Aternity to your customers. Together we can deliver unique insight into their end-users experience and application performance that will enable more informed decision making, improve service delivery and ensure greater customer satisfaction.