Dtex Systems helps organisations defend against insider threats, be that through malicious or negligent behaviour, or outside infiltrators.

Dtex begins and ends with helping your customers find answers they simply can’t get anywhere else.  They are the difference between averting disaster and suffering compromise.  Thanks to more than 15 years of monitoring user behaviour patterns, Dtex has fine-tuned its detection capability to surface and then neutralise every type of insider threat.

Today, their user behavioural intelligence solutions use proprietary metadata for analysis, matching user workflows to known risks, as well as utilising behavioural learning. This provides forensic-level, end-to-end insight to identify users with malicious intent and those who accidentally expose data.  This brings unrivalled visibility, transparency, and security to enterprise organisations.

As a result, Dtex guards against:

  • Theft of Intellectual Property
  • Bypass of security controls
  • Malicious employees
  • Off-network risky behaviour
  • Fraud and embezzlement

Dtex Products

  • Dtex Signal
  • Dtex Enterprise
  • Dtex Platinum

Light and scalable, Dtex endpoint technology promises near-zero performance impact and prevents internal threats without compromising user privacy.  The three tiers of service available help you and your customer to pick the right configuration to meet the need at hand.  From a simple but effective visibility-only plan to a fully-integrated, complete service that includes expert analyst support and tuning, there is a solution no matter the priority.


Why Nuvias and Dtex?

Nuvias is proud to be Dtex’s sole EMEA distributor.  Through our dedicated sales and pre-sales staff, partner training and other services, we are helping security-focused VARs and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to incorporate Dtex solutions into go-to-market offerings.  Partners choosing to engage with us are primed to gain momentum quickly in this emerging marketplace and coached to respond to customer demand for assistance in tackling this increasingly important vulnerability.

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