Juniper is a leader in network innovation - renowned for creating high-performance networks and security solutions that enable smarter, more efficient business processes, secure valuable assets, and help create better user experiences.

Juniper technology pillars

Preparing the network for the cloud era

Some of the most advanced networks are built on Juniper technology. Having established themselves as a result of providing support to the world’s biggest and busiest telecoms carriers and Internet service providers, Juniper solutions are increasingly being used by enterprise customers who seek to develop more sophisticated and capable networks.

As the world of networking moves to software-defined, Juniper remains at the forefront of the movement, helping organisations to introduce intelligent automation, build in application security as standard, and ready networks for powerful new capabilities made possible by network functions virtualisation (NFV). Based on open technology, your customers can properly future-proof their network for the cloud era, unleashing cloud-like attributes that ensure always-on performance, elasticity, and security.


Why Nuvias and Juniper?

We’ve built a Juniper ‘super team’ – and there’s never been anything like it in the channel before. That’s 80 people, assembled to focus exclusively on helping our partners respond to the changing trends in networking.

As such, we’re developing exciting solutions that match up with your customers’ needs and we’re set to help certify you in Juniper technology and grow your knowledge. All of the resources are in place, ready for us to support you every step of the way to expanding your business into new opportunities.