VitalSuite is Nokia’s multi-tenanted performance management system for networks, applications, voice, and data.

VoIP & VitalSuite

Offering historical views as well as near real-time insight across network devices and resources, servers, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and web traffic, and mission-critical applications, VitalSuite was designed to meet carrier-grade levels of performance. The solution proactively monitors end-to-end performance across global multi-vendor, multi-technology, and multi-protocol mission-critical networks.

The software eliminates the need for multiple tools to gather complete application and network performance visibility across cloud and IP infrastructures. Top-level performance data is available at-a-glance through a user-friendly portal that also provides deep drill-down capabilities to understand and troubleshoot issues. As a result, time and money is saved, and SLAs can be more closely managed and improved to drive better end-user experiences.

Purpose-built for operators to manage their own complex environments, or to provide network and application performance as-a-service to multiple customers, VitalSuite offers:

  • Integrated dashboards, intuitive drill down displays, and extensive standard reports
  • Comprehensive support of over 700 different devices across 70 different vendors
  • Ability to create highly customised reports that meet the needs of both executive management and technical teams
  • Scalability to more than 1.6 million resources in a single VitalSuite installation
  • An Extensible Toolkit that can easily support new devices and applications
  • Highly flexible thresholding capabilities
  • A multi-level domain to ensure the VitalSuite Information Model maps to the organisation (by technology, business unit, customer, geography, etc.)