Secure your appliances and power supplies to prevent network and / or power interruptions with high-end racks by Rackmount.IT.

The high quality Rackmount.IT kits are produced for all major desktop firewall manufacturers, such as Fortinet, WatchGuard, Check Point or Cisco. They are designed to ensure optimal airflow and all connections are routed to the front. This does not only look good, but also maximises product reliability!

Rackmount Products

  • Standard Rack Mount Kits
  • Industrial Rack Mount Kits
  • Individualised Rack Mount Kits

Regardless if your environments requires a standard rack mount kit without specific needs, an industrial rack mount kit suitable for high frequency environments or individualized rack mount kits on a project basis – Rackmount.IT will have the right kit in the stack for you!

Current supported vendors are Aruba, Barracuda, Cisco, Check Point, Meraki, Forcepoint, Fortinet, HP, Palo Alto Networks, Sophos, SonicWall, Ubiquiti, Vertiv and WatchGuard.

Superior Rack Mount Design

  • Perfect Fit

All rack mounts are tailored to perfectly fit an appliance, including custom cut-outs for existing appliance screws and an easy access as well as clean look at the front, with all connections leading to it.

  • Perfect Cooling

Appliances get their breathing room with custom, model-specific airflow cut-outs and are prevented from overheating.

  • Perfect Power

Due to smart design choices, the power supplies were fixed on the rack mounts, so that power interruptions become “a thing” from the past.



Why Nuvias and Rackmount.IT

As we are always keen to offer our customers the best quality from one source, the partnership between Rackmount.IT and Nuvias has existed for many years. Qualitatively, these rack mounts meet a high standard and are currently the highest quality racks on the market.

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