Tintri Products

  • VMstore — Maximum performance for virtualised applications and the people who manage them.
  • IntelliFlash — Accelerate applications, cut data analysis time in half, and run every workload at the speed of memory.
  • NexentaStor — Multi-Cloud Distributed Storage System to fit your existing environment.


Predictable Performance: Workload Isolation and Dynamic Performance

VMstore’s operational efficiency is really where it shines. Running high-performance storage for virtual machines is incredibly hard. VMstore analyzes each individual virtual machine; it determines how many resources need to be allocated to each VM based on workload characteristics like block size, IOPs, and read/write ratio, and it allocates just enough resources to ensure each VM gets 1 millisecond latency or less, with zero administrator intervention. This happens in real time and across thousands of virtual machines on the same VMstore system

Complete Visibility: Real-Time, Predictive Analytics

VMstore gives you incredibly robust visualizations to help you troubleshoot your environment. It can show you if that latency is actually coming from the host, the network, or if it’s being caused by contention on the appliance. This enables you to find your performance bottleneck in seconds! VMstore calculates the performance and capacity requirements for each individual virtual machine in your environment. You can then use that data to predict how new virtual machine deployments or additional VMstore systems will affect your existing environment, before you commit to spending a single dollar.

Seamless Scalability: Maximize Efficiency

While others talk a lot about scale, VMstore simply delivers. You can start small and scale up one-disk-at-a-time with zero impact to performance. If you need both capacity AND performance, VMstores can federate together. Multiple appliances can share data; they can determine if certain VMs need to move and VMstore can even offload the migration of virtual machines from array to array freeing up precious host resources.


Consistent Latency: NVMe Optimized Controller Architecture

Get high IOPS and low latency for performance sensitive applications. Add the capacity you need to address your business-critical applications without impacting performance. NVMe accelerates applications, cutting data analysis time in half, and you can run every workload at the speed of memory.

Global Insight: Cloud-Based Analytics

Tintri Analytics for IntelliFlash gathers information from arrays across the globe to offer insights into your application and storage infrastructure. Provide per VM Intelligence and performance monitors to maximize application uptime & efficiency. Troubleshoot in seconds, Provision with precision.

Flexible Architecture: Optimized Resources Increase Efficiency

IntelliFlash’s modern software architecture with unified block and file storage provides 2x more consolidation and increased datacenter efficiency access hybrid clouds Superior data reduction shrinks footprint, lowers, power and reduces costs


Open Software Defined Storage: Multi-Cloud Distributed Storage System

A variety of deployment options means you can offer consistent storage services across on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud. You can take advantage of all-flash, hybrid, and all-HDD options depending on your requirements and budget

Choice with Control: Intelligent, Automated Decisions

Storage management and analytics offers single screen reporting, monitoring, analytics and orchestration for all of your storage assets.

Flexibility for Your Business:  Fits In Your Existing Environment

NexentaStor supports file, block, and object storage for a broad choice and fast deployment of your storage environment.


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