Cyber security threats know no boundaries, making every organisation in the world a potential target. However, every sector faces unique challenges which will influence how your customers should secure their business.

Trustwave unifies award-winning technology, cloud, and managed services and a team of security experts, ethical hackers, and researchers to find the right mix of protection your customer needs to properly defend against the threats at large in their industry.

Trustwave Products

  • Network Security and Access Control
  • Content and Data Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • Security Management
  • Database Security
  • Application Security

Smart Security On Demand

Through their Smart Security On Demand approach, Trustwave delivers automated, sustainable, and cost-effective data protection, risk management, and threat intelligence. This approach is realised through their cloud-based TrustKeeper platform, which is the gateway to a powerful suite of security services necessary to keep applications, data, infrastructure, and users safe, as well as help organisations achieve regulatory compliance.

More than technology alone

Smart Security is about more than just technology. The intelligence Trustwave gathers informs product development and puts your customers in possession of the most relevant and real-time information available. Their large, global client footprint provides visibility into security threats as they emerge, visibility that is enhanced by their SpiderLabs teams’ applied research and field testing. In the last year alone,

Trustwave has researched more than 9 million web application attacks, more than 2 million network and vulnerability scans, more than 5 million malicious websites, more than 20 billion emails, as well as countless zero-day threats.

Similarly, qualified security assessors, ethical hackers, and other experts are trusted for risk assessments, threat research, forensic investigations, and security training. They have performed hundreds of security breach investigations and thousands of ethical hacking projects over the last year. It’s why Trustwave is selected by more enterprises for compliance than the next ten service providers combined.


Why Nuvias and Trustwave?

As security continues to feature highly on board-level agendas, your customers are looking at how they achieve robust protection, prove compliance, and balance this with the usual commercial pressures. We believe that Trustwave will have a big hand in how your customers look to design, implement, and manage their future security infrastructure.

Accordingly, the Nuvias Cyber Security Practice is working closely with Trustwave to create cutting-edge security solutions that closely align with market trends and the changing threatscape your customers now face.

Together, we’ve invested in people, capabilities, and education to switch our channel partners onto the opportunities, and enable them to become self-sufficient in taking Trustwave solutions to market.

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