Four Reasons You Should Consider A DECT Solution

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What is a DECT solution?

DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications.

DECT solutions are designed to fit into busy working environments, allowing users to move about within the office or industrial workspace with minimum disruption to audio or call quality.

They’re also known for their exceptional comfort. Coming in all shapes and sizes to fit the end user’s needs, DECT solutions come in a number of different styles. From single and dual over ear headsets, to compact and lightweight handsets, there’s a product for any project requirement.

They work near the 1.9GHz frequency band which doesn’t interfere with other wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This means businesses can operate a multi-communication solution without the worry that one technology will interrupt the other.

But in this digital age where almost everything can connect to Wi-Fi or comes with its own Bluetooth extensions, why should companies still rely on DECT communication to keep their employees connected?

We look at 4 reasons why we think DECT is still very relevant in the modern workforce…


We all know it can be difficult to find a peaceful spot to work while in a busy office space. DECT headsets allow for that need and typically offer around 100 meters connectivity range between the headset and the base station.

As long as businesses manage the number of available channels appropriately, users will be able to make and receive calls as and when they want, wherever they are within that set radius.

Yealink’s W53P & W53H offer the user the flexibility to handover calls seamlessly between DECT cells. This enables greater movement within the organisation where workers can move about between cells within the same air sync group.

Bonus offer! We’re currently offering resellers discounts on the W53P & W53H handsets. Get in touch to find out more.



DECT headsets are designed for desk phone, mobile and computer use.

Built so that the individual can take calls using just their headset alone, DECT solutions offer a simple calling solution with a greater flexibility that doesn’t compromise on quality or security.

Yealink’s new WH6 DECT Workstations are part of their newest line of DECT solutions. Designed to de-clutter and organise the user’s workspace, this hybrid remote working/ office solution is a great option for resellers looking to offer an all-in-one DECT solution.



We’ve all been there. You start using a brand-new device and feel like the battery could last forever. It’s days, sometimes even weeks, before you have to think about re-charging it again. But given how powerful our devices are, and how much they can do now, this battery will need to be replaced at some point.

Almost all DECT headsets will come with a replaceable battery without the need to replace the whole unit. Where other solutions may require a full headset replacement, a DECT solution merely requires the cheaper and simpler alternative of a battery change.

This is particularly useful with large headset projects where replacing the full deployment could come at a considerable cost.

With EPOS’ IMPACT D 10 Phone, users can recharge 50% of the battery in just 20 minutes.



When on an important call you want the flexibility to take that call wherever you are in the office.

But with that concerns arise over the security of the call and the possibility that unwanted external persons could tap in and listen.

DECT wireless headsets use a 64-bit encryption that use a constantly changing signal in order to make it difficult for prying ears to eavesdrop.

Take a look at the Poly Savi 8200. Being fully DECT Security Certified, Poly’s DECT headsets and headphones assures that your customers calls and communications are kept safe and secure.


DECT phones should still be at the forefront of reseller’s minds when considering larger audio projects in busier office spaces.

Despite many businesses now working remotely, it’s a necessity that many others still have to distance within an office or other such communal working environment.

Allowing these customers to communicate effectively with trusted security and limited disruption is as paramount as its ever been. DECT solutions can provide just that.


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