IT Trends 2021 – Hyperautomation and the Channel

Gartner identified ‘hyperautomation’ as a top strategic technology trend for 2021:

“Hyperautomation is irreversible and inevitable. Everything that can and should be automated will be automated.” Brian Burke, Research Vice President, Gartner.

“Hyperautomation is a process in which businesses automate as many business and IT processes as possible using tools like AI, machine learning, event-driven software, robotic process automation, and other types of decision process and task automation tools… in a world where digital acceleration is the name of the game, business leaders are clamouring for digital operational excellence. This was further accelerated by COVID-19, which rapidly pushed organizations to allow more remote, digital-first options…” (source: Gartner)

Karl RoeKarl Roe, VP Digital Transformation and Customer Success at the Nuvias Group highlighted how this trend applies to the European Channel and the opportunity it presents for it:

“Continual improvement to leverage automation is a key element of transformation in any industry, and for our industry, it is a necessary development. Businesses that digitally transform, improve their competitive stance in the current challenging environment, taking advantage of new ways of working and interacting with customers.

Automation will accelerate the transition to more efficient and productive processes and systems and will continue to be the key tool underpinning business growth and operational effectiveness. As an example, transitioning to an integrated supply chain, where vendors, distributors and partners have uninterrupted visibility over the flow of orders, offers a great advantage, granting more effective control and efficient management of supplies. For all businesses – including those in the Channel – intelligent, automated systems are what is needed to adjust to changing customer requirements.

The pandemic restrictions have challenged organisations to put in place better business continuity plans that embrace a more digital and automated approach. This has ensured, in many cases, that business continues to flow, despite office closures and gaps in staff coverage. Through this emergency, businesses have discovered a new source of efficiency that will reap long-term dividends.

It is also worth noting that people are a very important element of ICT Channel operations, and whilst automation paves the way to a better customer experience, it is people who deliver it. Automation, therefore, is critical to eliminating mundane tasks and integrating systems, but nothing can take away the experience of working together, as people, to fully deliver a truly great customer experience.”