Leveraging the Nuvias Private Label Services Model allows for flexible, customised and fully integrated technology support solutions for your business, enabling you to take innovative products and support services to market with minimum risk and upfront investment.


Our Design, Build, Operate and Transfer (DBOT) solution model is aimed at existing service providers looking to grow their services business, or partners seeking to build the capability for the first time.  It provides a pathway to roll out, operate, and manage new technology offerings cost-effectively, while overcoming the issues of constrained resource or in-house expertise.  We enable you to combine the benefits of outsourcing – injecting external expertise, technology and services – with the flexibility, control and culture of your own in-house operation.

Our Private Label Solution Model focuses on three phases

1. Design and Build

We apply a consultative approach to network and systems architecture planning and deployment, including business and operational processes, ensuring any important business standards are adhered to.

Delivered as a series of workshops, the output is your very own bespoke service offering.  Through this process, we guide you in choosing the level of Nuvias resource and involvement required to competently achieve a full-service integration. This covers everything from the ordering of product, sales support and logistics, through architecture, delivery, engineering and assurance.

We also help you make your product or service market-ready through bespoke solution collateral, sales and pre-sales training and preparing you to launch and market.

2. Operate

Delivery by Nuvias of the service defined and created during the build phase.  We consider every dimension of operational execution, providing a fully resourced model for operations support, sales, marketing, logistics, deployment, billing, assurance, helpdesk and field support.

This ensures streamlined ongoing operations and management, designed to exceed both your own and your customer’s expectations. Service-levels and targets are pre-agreed and resourced to meet clearly defined KPIs, which are evaluated through regular service and delivery reviews.

3. Transfer

At some point, you may wish to take the service ‘in-house’.  The transfer process is underpinned by a consultative led approach, and is designed to easily transfer the service in its entirety or in part to your control.

Tailored to your desired time line and technical capabilities, we help with staff recruitment and transfer as appropriate, and support you through this with full program management, so that there is zero impact on the running operational service.

The transfer process can occur at any time, although we will typically agree a trigger-point based on volume or time-based objectives.  This provides you with a clear, strategic view of success before making the decision to transfer, while validating the original build engagement and justifying the design of the product or service in the first place. The transfer process and costs are agreed as part of the design and build phase.

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