The network is changing faster than ever, spurred on by digital transformation. It’s becoming borderless - connecting users, applications, services, data, customers, IoT devices, and clouds. These mounting pressures are prompting many organisations to scrap old methods, models and architectures in favour of new thinking.

Next-generation networks are flexible, scalable infrastructures that are heavily automated, simple to manage, and optimised for the greatest performance. To realise these benefits, your customers need to make sense of an evolving technology landscape and depart from legacy technologies in favour of hybrid networks that mix on and on-premises infrastructure.

Why partner with Nuvias to grow your
Advanced Networking business?

The network is a hot spot for your customer and a high-growth sales opportunity in the channel.
We expose you to the most exciting solutions, and give you confidence to do the same with your customers, so neither of you miss out.
We’ll do everything we can to see that you’re equipped – from fast-track education, to active sales assistance and marketing.
Consistent support ensures our people, skills, and resources are always close at hand, whether you choose to build this value into your own solutions or use it as a gateway into expanding your own capability.


An eye for innovative technologies

Our Advanced Networking Practice emerged from leading specialist network distributor Zycko. Since 1999 we have been identifying edge-gaining technologies from emerging vendors, and today have a world-leading portfolio of advanced networking solutions that put your customer on the path to a new network architecture.

We understand the natural nervousness for you and your customer that comes with departing from traditional solutions and recognised brands. It’s for this reason that we undertake rigorous due diligence around not just the technology, but the vendor and their credentials. When we’re happy, we build them into wider Nuvias-assured solution stacks, engineered for success and aligned with your customers’ challenges. As a result, we mitigate the risks involved in network change.

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Our Capabilites

  • 12000 network assets supported globally
  • Access to our team of expert networking consultants
  • Training delivered in 5 languages accredited around all our solutions
  • 4500 Riverbed customers supported
  • One of only 2 organisations globally to be able to support all 4 current partner-supportable Riverbed technology families
  • RCP authorised partner for Riverbed Professional Services

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