Even with the rise of cloud, the importance of physical systems infrastructure in IT service delivery has not gone away. In some cases, ownership of this infrastructure is shifting from customer to service provider; nevertheless, its role in the success of these services remains the same.

It continues to be the foundation from which all services are delivered, and it is instrumental in realising the flexibility, availability, and agility that many businesses have come to depend upon.

Host infrastructure for the digital era

Our Systems Infrastructure Practice is dedicated to everything that sits beneath the operating system – the physical assets that host every other infrastructure component. We tie together the technology, expertise and services necessary to build powerful cloud-ready host infrastructure prepared for the digital era:

  • Compute – from white-box options to best-in-class web-scale systems, we offer breakthrough solutions that challenge market leaders.
  • Storage – a complete line-up of storage solutions to tackle everything from business-critical production data to long-term retention and data archival.
  • Network – core-to-edge we’ve created a portfolio of solutions that help construct a modern network fabric, connecting everything from a single campus to an entire continent.

Assured innovation

Drawing from the best of both emerging and established technologies and backed by our first-class architectural, engineering and support services you’ll differentiate yourself with inspired innovation.

Across the three essential technology areas we’ve developed a series of Nuvias-assured solutions. Pre-engineered and pre-tested, everything has been done to mitigate any risk and put you in the best possible position to deliver the value your customer expects.

These industrialised solutions can be deployed individually with confidence, because of their foundations in open-standards and interoperability, or collectively as converged technology stacks that promise new economic models, welcomed advances in functionality, and extraordinary cost savings.

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