Nuvias brings Dolby’s high-end, intelligent conferencing to the modern business world

A NEW pan-EMEA distribution agreement between Dolby and Nuvias will extend availability for high-end video and audio conferencing solutions across EMEA

11 October, 2018 Nuvias has signed a pan-EMEA distribution agreement with Dolby Laboratories to accelerate the adoption of Dolby Voice™ Conference Phone and Dolby Voice Room™ hardware and conferencing solutions. These breakthrough products create exceptional experiences by setting new standards for quality that users overwhelmingly prefer. The innovative, easy to use Dolby Voice™ hardware and solution harnesses over 50 years of world-leading audio-engineering and innovation, delivering a new level of user experience and bringing clarity to virtual meetings.

Nuvias’ focus on delivering innovative, integrated business solutions is ideally suited to support the Dolby brand, synonymous with ground-breaking, quality technology. Dolby technology, widely associated with spectacular cinema experiences, brings the same level of excellence to the modern business world.

The Dolby Conference Phone is more than a phone, it’s the ideal audio and control centre for video conferencing. It combines amazing sound quality that accommodates diverse meeting spaces with a sleek user interface to start and manage meetings. Joining the Dolby Conference Phone is the Dolby Voice Camera and Dolby Voice Hub to create a complete solution, Dolby Voice Room™. Dolby Voice Room™ is easy to install, manage, and use solution that intelligently flexes to various scenarios to provide an amazing, natural, and productive meeting experience. It overcomes key challenges faced by meeting participants and IT that hamper productivity, such as unintelligible audio, shadowy video, distracting background noise, poorly framed views of participants and confusing interfaces on jumbled hardware kits.

The Dolby Voice system integrates perfectly within the Nuvias Unified Communications portfolio and will be a key component of the BlueJeans Ecosystem. BlueJeans already uses Dolby technology in its platform to provide all BlueJeans meetings with a superior meeting experience, and the use of Dolby Voice™ hardware enhances its industry-leading capabilities even further.

Intuitive touch-screen controls make it easy to start, join and run meetings, while the conference phone can also serve as the single interface for audio conferencing, video conferencing and screen sharing.

“We are pleased to be offering the Dolby Conference Phone with Dolby Voice and Dolby Voice Room via our pan-EMEA distributor partner, Nuvias,” said Andrew Border, Vice President, Communications Business Group, Dolby Laboratories. “Nuvias is focused on delivering innovative, integrated business solutions which is a great match for Dolby Voice. This marks another milestone to offer Dolby Voice, an effortless and exceptional sounding meeting solution, to more customers around the globe.”

“Nuvias is excited by the opportunity to bring the superior quality experience associated with the Dolby brand to the corporate environment, across the pan-EMEA market,” commented Steve Harris, VP of Unified Communications at Nuvias. “Dolby technology fits into the Nuvias portfolio of innovative business solutions and is a compelling offering for our channel partners and their customers, enabling seamless, intuitive business communication for all.”

The Dolby Conference Phone also works as a SIP conference phone with platforms such as BlueJeans, Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Broadsoft and Alcatel Lucent.