SD-WANs: The Next Best Step in Futureproofing Your Enterprise?

Is your legacy network costing you time, money and productivity? Even if your answer isn’t a definite ‘yes’ just yet, it might be before too long.

But why is this the case? Essentially, because the twin forces of Cloud computing and AI are radically transforming the contemporary workplace. However, as traditional wide area networks (WANs) were built 20 years ago, they just aren’t designed for this technology revolution.

Prominent Cloud-based applications like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Office 365 and SalesForce have caused a massive shift in traffic away from data centres to the Cloud. However, traditional WANs can’t manage these new traffic patterns in a way that is quick, efficient and safe.

Yet your customers will expect you to have an up-to-date system that keeps their data secure, while your staff will want solutions that let them work productively and flexibly. So what should you do?

SD-WANs: A forward looking solution

A cutting-edge SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) offers the next best step in modernising your entire enterprise. This is because SD-WANs are an application-smart system that use the Cloud to access software hosted in the Cloud, leading to better, more intuitive app performance. What’s more, SD-WANs offer stronger security too. In other words, they just make more sense.

An SD-WAN has many benefits. It can speed up productivity, cut down on administration, improve customer experience, offer smarter security, accelerate business initiatives and even save you money. Plus, if you have a medium to large enterprise, then the addition of SD-Branch technology can boost your SD-WAN substantially. Put simply, an SD-Branch will allow you to create a holistic, visible system of central management across various locations and networks. It is ideal for more complex organisations.

But with all this in mind, which SD-WAN solution should you choose?

Introducing Juniper SD-WAN

Juniper SD-WAN offers a better, more streamlined SD-WAN and SD-Branch solution. In essence, it is an AI-powered system designed to move traffic smoothly, intuitively and safely across your network. Offering best in scale performance, Juniper SD-WAN is simple, smart and secure.

Simple, because it makes integration straightforward with one device, one licence and one management platform, freeing up time for IT engineers.

Smart, because it is powered by artificial intelligence, including a cutting-edge AI assistant, Marvis. Juniper SD-WAN can do your thinking for you, tracking usage and traffic as well as troubleshooting issues in a smart, automated way. All of this is run via Juniper SD-WAN’s intuitive console system, which provides real-time analytics and insights for better business decisions.

And finally, secure, because it offers robust native protection as standard. This includes live antivirus, next generation firewalling, universal threat management, multi-layered spam protection, ransomware guards and much more. In other words, with Juniper SD-WAN, you can have peace of mind.

What’s more, this solution is flexible, meaning that you are not locked into a platform that Juniper control. Instead, you can make the most of open ecosystems, open API and multiple vendors. Plus, the range of flexible payment options means that there’s a choice to suit you.

In short, Juniper SD-WAN is the next best step in futureproofing your enterprise, laying a foundation that is truly fit for the 21st century.

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