The cloud is an attractive alternative to traditional computing approaches. It promises almost unrivalled access, flexibility, scalability, and responsiveness. However, just like traditional computing approaches, it comes with its own set of security issues.

In fact, it has become so attractive that individual users are harvesting the benefits of the cloud beyond the gaze of IT teams through shadow IT initiatives. From data storage to messaging applications, the cloud is driving a paradigm shift in protection, exposing data and services to new threats. Intelligent new security measures have emerged to counter the risks.

Secure cloud apps, data and access

For organisations using or thinking of using the cloud, there are important questions that need to be answered. What digital assets live in the cloud? How are they protected? Who has access to them and how will we uniquely identify those people? What interfaces are we using to connect users and services? Before we know it, security issues related to confidentiality, integrity, availability, and accountability escalate.

Nuvias helps you to work with your customer to get to the bottom of these questions and propose the best solution wrap for using the cloud. We challenge the conversations your customer is having about using the cloud and in doing so make sure their security posture is right. With the correct measures in place, we can significantly improve security without eroding any of the benefits that made cloud so promising in the first place.

We’ve compiled all the know-how, vendors, and services that will ensure you can create solutions for the cloud that secure apps, data, and access.

  • Firewall (Virtual – Next-Generation)
  • Cloud Services
  • Container Security
  • Security for Virtualisation

As well as creating a robust security platform, these solutions can help you grow your customers’ confidence and expand their use of the cloud by overcoming potential security fears.

Why Nuvias for Cloud Security?

Cloud security is an emerging market that we’ve kept ahead of both in the portfolio of vendors we’ve chosen to work with and the expertise we’ve assembled in our team. It’s also fast-moving, such is the ease with which cloud services can be piloted and then turned production.

Our partners can turn to us with the confidence of knowing that we can respond quickly and professionally to help qualify, design, and deliver relevant solutions for your customers’ requirements.

Cloud Security Vendors

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