A space completely streamlined to ensure every meeting achieves results will, by definition, help people make more of their valuable time. Using innovative technology and cutting-edge tools, Microsoft room collaboration solutions are helping staff better communicate inside and outside their organisation and foster shared creativity.

Getting down to business has never been easier

Every business has different needs, different spaces to work with, and different budgets in mind. However, it’s critical that every solution ensures meeting participants can see and hear one another, and is easy to use. That way, meetings can start quicker and get to business faster. A room built for collaboration also sends a message outside the organisation, giving a modern and professional impression that counts.

Nuvias has a comprehensive range of Microsoft Room Collaboration solutions that are optimised for modern workspaces—including huddle rooms and open workspaces, as well as traditional conference rooms.

All systems incorporate advanced HD video, HD content sharing, as well as straightforward integration with personal devices.

Collaboration Hub – a smart hub for group collaboration that transforms the humble conference phone into a modular voice, video, and content sharing system that can fit in any team environment, large or small.

Enterprise-Grade Video – providing high-quality, enterprise-grade video collaboration in rooms and meeting locations of all sizes, with cutting-edge technologies to maximise the collaboration experience.

Packaged Solutions – industry-leading collaboration experience through pre-packaged solutions, which feature the latest in high-performance room video conferencing that can be deployed in minutes.

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