With a Software-defined Network (SDN) deployed, the door is open to design, deploy, and manage networking services in new ways. Network functions virtualisation (NFV) decouples a host of network functions like firewalling, intrusion detection, and performance monitoring, turning them into virtual appliances which can be hosted on next-generation switching and routing hardware.


Respond quickly to changing business demands

NFV transforms network architecture by enabling more flexible network services to be activated almost instantly from a centrally controlled SDN policy engine.  With accelerated deployment times, value is realised faster and overall management costs for the network are lowered.  As needs change over time, new functions can be acquired and IT teams can respond in a more agile manner to changing business goals and network service demands.

De-risking NFV adoption

Technology-driven organisations and service providers are set to gain the most from this dynamic capability.  The solutions we’ve created enable NFV to be practically worked into existing network fabric, or projects for ground-up network builds.  With many of the risks involved in transformation removed, you’ll feel confident to use NFV in your own service provision or to take to your customers.

Why Nuvias for Network functions virtualisation?

Nuvias has pioneered Software-defined Networking solutions since its inception and as part of this technology ecosystem, we’ve extensively explored the options for NFV.  We’ve compiled a smart portfolio of solutions that can exist on top of a variety of SDN orchestration platforms, or operate as discrete capability for certain tasks.  It means our partners can adopt Nuvias-assured solutions to build a sophisticated chain of networking services on top of a variety of SDN orchestration platforms.

Network Functions Virtualisation Vendors

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