Software-defined Networking (SDN) is re-writing the rules on how networks can and should be designed and built.  Just like compute virtualisation did for the server, SDN is enabling the network to be abstracted from the physical infrastructure using software, so network administrators can control, change, and manage network behaviour in new and exciting ways.


A network built in software is entirely dynamic, interoperates with the cloud, and is managed by a central policy engine that deploys rule sets to individual network appliances, cutting out the huge man-cost of old-world operation and modification.

Solutions for every requirement

We recognise every use case will be subtly different, so our portfolio of vendor-neutral SDN solutions is ready to integrate into existing networks or be deployed to greenfield sites.  Equally, with such close integration with the cloud, we know that not everyone will be happy using public cloud solutions, so we have options for private cloud that offer all the same characteristics and functionality.

Our SDN solutions cover

Software-defined LAN (SD-LAN)

Control internal server-to-server communication and make management of the data plane easier than ever.  With an SD-LAN it doesn’t matter where the servers exist, the network is joined-up over any data centre and any cloud.

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Extend SDN to the network edge and cut-out traditional MPLS circuits by using the Internet instead.  Spin up new branches and add new services with zero-touch provisioning, and automate ongoing management.

Network functions virtualisation (NFV)

With an SDN deployed, there’s huge scope to augment the network with valuable functionality by way of virtual appliances that operate in the core and at the edge.  Using NFV, add and remove network functions like firewalls across part or all of the network in seconds.

Network visibility and analytics

Quickly add powerful tools that reveal actionable intelligence to make the network run better.  Correlate insights with the performance of the business, user experience, and where investments in the network should be made next.

Why Nuvias for Software-defined Networking?

Nuvias has been at the forefront of SDN since the very beginning.  In an exploding market, knowing which solutions to back for such a crucial element of your customers’ IT ecosystems, or indeed your own infrastructure if you’re a service provider, is no easy task.

We’ve considered the adoption scenarios you and your customers will face and have carefully chosen the best technologies to help you build SDN solutions that will offer long-term value.  We can help unify network fabric across the cloud, data centre, Wide Area Network (WAN), and wired and wireless Local Area Network (LAN).

Software-defined Networking Vendors

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