Data is going to be a competitive differentiator for businesses over the next decade. It’s a growing digital universe that holds information of huge value. It stands to reason therefore, that something of such importance should be treated as the precious commodity it is. Arguably, the importance of storage has never been greater.

Much more than just capacity

However, storage needs to do more than simply store data and provide capacity. The need to send and retrieve data faster, protect data in-flight and at rest, and to economically retain it over ever-longer periods of time, all pose challenging considerations as your customers look to identify suitable solutions worthy of that data.

Outperforming legacy storage platforms

Working with our market-leading vendor community, Nuvias has established a line-up of innovative solutions ready to meet these challenges. Composed of all-flash, hybrid, open source and cloud appliances, we offer extraordinary options that outperform legacy storage platforms on cost, function, management – in fact, every conceivable way.

Targeting primary and secondary tier storage requirements, our solutions cover:

  • Business-critical production data – precisely matching storage performance and capacity with cutting-edge devices
  • Backup and data protection – protecting data on-premise, in virtualised environments and the cloud through replication and backup technologies
  • Long-term data retention – passing off cold data to more economical solutions and into public cloud services
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity – ensuring that data remains available in the event of an outage or even more catastrophic circumstances

Each solution represents game-changing advances and comes Nuvias-assured, giving you the peace of mind that it is designed and engineered to the highest standards, and offers lifetime support to continue healthy operation long after deployment.

Helping you and your customer arrive at the right solution is the product of our consultancy-led approach which combines business and technology discovery, long-term trending, and workload simulation using our labs and demo facilities.

Want to find out more?

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