Today, applications are at the heart of business and how they perform directly affects business performance. Optimising and trouble-shooting application performance is critical to minimize downtime and business productivity however this is increasingly challenging with the complexity of cloud, SaaS, hybrid networks and mobility.
An “application” is not just the software sitting on a server, but a very complex combination of services and databases; physical and virtual severs hosted in datacenters on-premise and in the cloud; multiple networks connecting everything; and finally end-users on many device types from many locations accessing the application. Any piece of the puzzle, any flaw in the service, can slow performance down or cause it to fail completely.

Nuvias provide Application Performance Management solutions that capture and analyse performance data, deeply and broadly, across all networks and applications, while monitoring end user experience across all users, all the time. We provide visibility and insight to ensure optimal performance of enterprise applications while maximising IT efficiency and productivity. It’s modular in nature; you can start with any aspect of performance monitoring and grow to a unified performance view.

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