Git and GitHub have completely changed the way software development works. Git is a web-based platform for working on DevOps projects, and GitHub brings those projects to life by fostering collaboration and enabling technical and non-technical personnel to take-in progress.
Using GitHub, development teams of all sizes will feel the benefits. Standardising on a single software development platform helps teams discover one another’s progress, consult together, and make valuable contribution regardless of where they’re based or when they’re working. Helpful dashboards and easy-to-read graphs aggregate tasks to plot progress and keep things on track.

Invention not reinvention

Importantly, GitHub Enterprise live-indexes code as development teams push it, so any developer can search for and leverage existing code with ease – saving time and money.

In addition to this, hundreds of third-party services can be integrated into GitHub repositories so development teams focus on genuine innovation rather than re-inventing code that’s already tested and available for re-purpose.

With multiple deployment options, it’s easy to install GitHub Enterprise to on-premise servers, or get started immediately on the GitHub hosted platform.

Nuvias provides GitHub Enterprise so our partners can enable their customers to capitalise on the opportunities provided by trends in DevOps. Our specialist Application Optimisation team is made up of GitHub and DevOps experts and can help you create a beachhead into new and existing customers with this exciting suite of technology.

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