Nuvias offers a range of enhanced business solutions that closely integrate with the Hosted Unified Communications (UC) platforms you provide. Ready-to-go, they can be launched quickly to accompany your established UC services and add further value to your customers.

Trace call content with call recording

It’s now commonplace for businesses of all kinds to record calls. From compliance to quality monitoring, the ability to review and confirm content post-call, is increasingly important. Industries as diverse as construction, healthcare, finance, leisure and IT are all reaping the benefits.

Our solutions enable service providers to build on core UC services with full-featured call recording and quality monitoring capabilities. Enhancing services in this way means your customers can search, find and categorise recordings based on time or date of call, incoming phone number, outgoing phone number or other important requirements.

Flexible customer service using Call Centre solutions

Call Centre communications no longer need to work independently of the Hosted UC services you currently provide. Instead, using cloud-based Call Centre solutions, capabilities can be converged into a unified platform. Running a Call Centre through the cloud in this way overcomes upfront expenditure associated with traditional systems and simplifies multi-site call routing, all the while offering better disaster recovery protection. For agents, supervisors, and customer service managers, joined-up tools help achieve improved and more flexible customer service solutions.

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