As members of a mobile workforce, your customers’ employees want the freedom to work anywhere and expect to have the same access to systems and services as they would in their office. Rightfully, business leaders want the same – to boost productivity and to take advantage of the mobile devices in the hands of their people.

Unified Communications on the move

As part of their mobility strategy, your customers will be considering how they mobilise their Unified Communications (UC) platform.

Nuvias has hand-picked the best complementary solutions to help our partners drive additional revenues through extending the capabilities of UC to mobile devices. Our portfolio offers advanced UC clients through to fully integrated mobility solutions which enable a single rich user experience across every device.

Operators of all types will enjoy the benefits

These solutions enable mobile operators to migrate legacy customers towards an Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) architecture, while stepping up UC capabilities, whereas fixed and converged operators can provide combined Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) services across wired, mobile, desktop and web access. Whatever type of operator you are, our services represent an opportunity to augment your offering, stabilise or grow revenues, reduce customer churn, and increase subscribers.

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