Hacking of communications infrastructure is on the rise, so it’s important to take appropriate security measures to protect Unified Communications (UC) solutions from these emerging threats. Using Session Border Controller (SBC) solutions specifically designed to address these challenges, you can better protect your UC customers from malware, toll fraud, and spoofing attacks as well as offering advanced functionality to:

  • Encrypt calls
  • Authenticate end points
  • Improve quality by optimising bandwidth
  • Enable seamless working through integration with Internet Protocol (IP) – compatible smartphones

Take control over Quality of Service

For service providers, SBCs provide the critical control functions that enable the delivery of trusted interactive communications across IP network borders. They promise integrated signalling and media control, multi-protocol signalling support, along with comprehensive control over security, service reach maximisation, and SLA assurance.

Nuvias offers an extensive portfolio of market-leading SBC solutions – available as either dedicated hardware appliances, or as software-only virtual platforms. All our solutions deliver the highest levels of signalling performance, media capacity and availability. They also provide proven interoperability with all major IP Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs) and UC platforms.

We can help service providers with everything from platform selection to complementary services for implementation and, if necessary, support for your chosen solution once operational.

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