Collaboration joins people with technology so they can work more productively. The ability to visually communicate is critical to this process as there’s no substitute for face-to-face communication. Visual workspace solutions for room and personal use, therefore, play a key role in helping organisations to become more collaborative.

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Cloud-powered collaboration

However, implementing a visual workplace solution can present challenges, not least in the procurement and management of hardware, software, training, maintenance and support. Nuvias’ collection of Collaboration-as-a-Service solutions overcomes these hurdles by packaging everything that’s needed into simple pay-as-you-go services delivered through the cloud. We harness world-class technology from leading vendors, so services are built with the enterprise in mind, offering all the security and availability guarantees to ensure the very best service.

Solutions ready for anything

We sidestep the delays associated with implementation and instantly provide all the visual tools needed to boost productivity, reduce travel costs, and accelerate business decision-making.

Additionally, being delivered as a service through the cloud, our solutions are easy to scale and ready for anything. There’s a lot of flexibility to tailor services to your customers’ requirements and budgets, as importantly they’re not based on a one-size-fits-all approach.

By comparison, users enjoy a consistent experience wherever they are and on whatever device.

Our solutions call on the latest collaboration tools, so the most reliable and immersive communication experience can be enjoyed.

HD video and audio conferencing – offers a consistent user experience and comprehensive control of HD video and audio conferencing services across a multitude of devices.

Real-time, rich content sharing – ensures productive meetings through real-time screen, and high definition content sharing across multiple devices.

Universal interoperability – enable any-to-any communications by allowing users to connect through a web browser, personal device, or traditional room systems.


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