Absolute is all about secure and optimized connectivity for the modern workplace. The software-based VPN gives users improved performance that 3000+ organizations rely on every day. Unlike legacy-based VPNs, Absolute enables deep insight into the activity of every device that’s protected within a zero-trust security perimeter.

Absolute is secure access for the distributed workforce, but faster. The Enterprise VPN uses a blend of sophisticated and patented technologies so users get improved performance when the VPN is on – especially on slow networks. They stay online no matter what, even when the network drops altogether.

But it’s much more than just a VPN. The digital experience monitoring tool provides real-time data about the device, applications, and network performance in a single pane of glass giving IT easy-to-read snapshots of the organisation’s device fleet. With those insights, our powerful context-aware policy engine gives organisations the ability to apply policies that can optimise connectivity, prioritise mission-critical applications, block risky content and restrict access to company resources in unsafe network conditions right to the endpoint device.

Now that remote workers have seamless access to their resources, how does Absolute ensure that they’re secured? This is where our software-defined perimeter comes in – or more commonly known as zero-trust network access. Absolute’s solution analyses every single request by remote workers using dynamic, contextual data about each device to authorise access to those resources. Only approved users can reach the resource they need in the moment they need it, eliminating lateral movement. So, if one of those bad actors does sneak in, all other applications will be made completely invisible, ensuring your organisation is safe from intruders or high-risk connections.

With customisable deployment options, Absolute can be the secure remote access solution for your organisation’s unique needs.

Absolute Products

  • Absolute CORE
  • Absolute CORE+
  • Absolute COMPLETE


Why Nuvias & Absolute?

Nuvias offers the channel unrivalled experience in Security & Networking practices, which provides end-to-end solutions from a host of best-of-breed technology providers. Nuvias is proud to be a pan-EMEA distributor for Absolute in recognition of these skills.

For partners interested in capturing new Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) & Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) we have built a series of Nuvias-assured solutions suitable for SMEs to large enterprises. They converge NetMotion by Absolute with other technologies in our portfolio to offer ready-made solutions you can quickly take to market. We’re even able to give you a test drive of the platform to see for yourself what your customers are experiencing.

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