AddOn is the world’s largest provider of compatible network upgrades and connectivity products, offering compelling value to partners throughout the channel since 1999. AddOn Networks has launched their new dedicated channel brand in EMEA, which will replace the well-known ProLabs name that you may have previously purchased. AddOn provides improved quality, testing and brings additional years of experience to give first class service and experience to all new customers. They have invested over a decade of research and resources to creating an internal model to maintain full compliancy for all our products.

AddOn Networks Products

  • Transceivers
  • DACS’s & AOC’s
  • Fibre Cables

AddOn are the channel’s leading brand for reliable third-party optics. As the largest and longest running independent optical supplier globally, AddOn’s experience means they can provide complete solutions to meet even the most challenging network requirements. Their OEM alternative pricing is extremely competitive and customers can save up to 70% vs OEM optics.

Quality and reliability are AddOns priority. With millions of dollars invested into state-of-the-art labs, testing equipment and switches, coupled with decades of experience it is clear to see why AddOn confidently promote a 0.02% failure rate on optics.

Every single product is 100% tested in the specific application over the intended distance and AddOn’s proprietary ‘Data Traveler System’, which creates a living manifest of our production process, allow full transparency on the product from coding and testing to shipment.

The AddOn Advantage:

  • Compatibility
    Compatible with over 100 OEM’s. Every form factor and distance.
  • First Class Quality
    Every product 100% application tested
  • Price Points
    Competitive price points vs. OEM costs. Up to 70% savings.


Why Nuvias and AddOn?

Following the merge of AddOn Networks and ProLabs, we now offer the world’s leading specialist in optics to our partners and their customers. Working with Nuvias and AddOn you can earn attractive margins whilst enabling your customers to make significant savings on their OEM optical network infrastructure. AddOn is helping their partners to win deals in competitive situations without compromising on quality when compared to the vendors own OEM offerings.

As an AddOn partner, Nuvias has in-house experts who are available to advise on compatibility for all leading OEM brands, ensuring you can offer competitive and credible alternatives on your next networking deal. We also have extensive stock holdings of the AddOn portfolio, ensuring fast lead times on all AddOn products.

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