Allot Communications is all about broadband traffic management solutions for intelligent networks. Designed for carriers, service providers, and enterprises, Allot solutions apply deep packet inspection (DPI) technology to transform broadband infrastructure into smart networks that achieve the fair distribution of bandwidth demanded by the market today.

Allot Communications Products

  • Service Gateway Sigma
  • NetEnforcer
  • NetXplorer
  • Subscriber Management Platform
  • ServiceGateway Tera
  • ClearSee Analytics
  • Virtual TDF

Powering new possibilities

What would your network look like and how would it perform if you could see everything that traversed your broadband pipes? For a start, you’d have better visibility and with that more control to better manage applications and services. You’d also have the insight to improve Quality of Service (QoS), and perhaps even introduce better commercial models for you or your customer.

A family of products that optimise your network

Allot solutions get to the root cause of network traffic problems, achieving a complete breakdown of network behaviour and enabling you to tackle potential issues proactively, adding further value to the services you deliver. Their rich family of products includes:

Service Gateway Sigma – a carrier-grade, highly scalable DPI-based platform for broadband optimisation and service deployment in fixed and mobile networks.

NetEnforcer – inspect, monitor and control the traffic on WAN and broadband networks, per-application and per-user, to dynamically shape bandwidth usage according to pre-set policies.

NetXplorer – achieve a consolidated picture of all traffic on the network. A centralised management tool, it works in harmony with NetEnforcer devices to provide the network business intelligence that is needed for IP service optimisation.

Subscriber Management Platform (SMP) – helps service providers build an intelligent broadband network that knows how to deliver the quality of experience that each subscriber expects, while allowing providers to retain control over network usage.


Why Nuvias and Allot Communications?

Nuvias is well-positioned to help partners capitalise on the opportunities represented by Allot technologies. Through our Solutions Engineering Hub we offer all the advice necessary to design and scope a solution, with the follow-on support needed to keep solutions operational available around the clock via our Support Services arm.

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