As traditional endpoint security like antivirus is only effective 50% of the time, organisations need a better way of protecting themselves from advanced and persistent attacks.

Avecto has developed an alternative stance on endpoint security. By being proactive at the endpoint, they repel threats and provide comprehensive defence without ever restricting user freedoms.

Avecto Products

  • Defendpoint

A three-pronged approach to protection

Defendpoint is Avecto’s ground-breaking and adaptable endpoint security suite that achieves IT control and great security without inhibiting user experience. Through a seamless, modular three-pronged approach, proactive endpoint technologies are deployed to protect from advanced methods of exploit.

  • Privilege Management – Eliminate admin rights to achieve least privilege: Avecto Defendpoint privilege management allows you to grant privileges to individual applications, tasks, and scripts – but never to users. Ensure a positive user experience with customized messaging, seamless elevation, and flexible prompts.
  • Application Control – Whitelist trusted apps and block malware: Avecto Defendpoint application control is essential to malware prevention. Set rules based on trusted application types, automatically stopping unapproved applications and managing unknown applications via dynamic exception handling.
  • Enterprise Reporting – Insight and analysis to make informed decisions: With Avecto Defendpoint’s enterprise reporting solution, you can easily identify privileged users and activity to keep admin rights to a minimum. Graphical dashboards and reports with drill-down options provide fast access to as much detail as you need.

Today, Defendpoint protects more than 8 million endpoints globally for some of the world’s largest organisations. They trust in the solution because it:

  • Harmonises security – combining three next-generation strategies dramatically improves overall security posture. Also, by taking a proactive approach, risk is minimised and user productivity maximised.
  • Puts the user first – using flexible role-based policies, the user’s requirements remain at the forefront. Defendpoint extends protection to all users, even to sysadmins in the data centre, without ever restricting their essential activities.
  • Is built on a scalable architecture – manage Defendpoint via Microsoft Active Directory Group Policy or McAfee ePO, making it scalable across the largest enterprises, with no additional investment in infrastructure.


Why Nuvias and Avecto?

Nuvias works with partners to develop solutions around this sophisticated family of technology. Through our heritage in security, we are well placed to help you achieve this and make Avecto part of your wider ecosystem of solutions. Offering everything from design, to implementation through to support, we’ll assist you in making the most of the exciting opportunities Avecto represents.

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