Cisco creates leading products and key technologies to make the Internet more useful and dynamic. These technologies include: advanced routing and switching, voice and video over IP, optical networking, wireless, storage networking, security, broadband, and content networking.

Audio Conferencing enables groups of ranging sizes to communicate reliably, conveniently and with ease. It allows individuals in the workplace to expand their reach of communication – both internally and externally.

Perhaps the primary benefit that businesses will unanimously agree on however, is the cost-effectiveness of audio conferencing. It can reach more people as it relies mostly on telephone lines, is easier to use as we are using a technology that is relatively familiar to all of us and requires relatively little time to setup.

Despite its varying benefits, there are also issues that come with audio conferencing – more often than not surrounding the audio quality itself.

Poor audio quality can impair effective communications, which can be detrimental to important business calls. It can be difficult to decipher who the person speaking is and if you’re joining remotely, it can be nearly impossible to get a word in.

Cisco® IP Phones solve this issue by empowering businesses with an innovative collaboration experience that connects employees with the right people, with the right information at the right time, so you can accelerate team performance and maximise your business results.

Cisco’s effective collaborative experiences can help you:

  • Communicate confidently with customers, partners, colleagues, and suppliers.
  • Transform your business processes and reduce costs with interactive high-quality, business grade audio communications.
  • Maximise interaction with subject-matter experts (SMEs) by taking advantage of pervasive presence, team space escalation to calling and conferencing capabilities.
  • Innovate new workflows with access to optional third-party endpoint applications and accessories.


IP Phone 6800 Series

Designed with affordability in mind, delivering reliable, business-grade audio, gigabit Ethernet integration, and uses low power.

IP Phone 7800 Series

Fully featured, reliable phones with wideband audio and support for multiple SIP registrations.

IP Phone 8800 Series

Delivering a superior experience to busy phone users with crystal-clear audio.


Why Nuvias and Cisco?

Nuvias UC are leading distributor of voice, video and collaboration solutions in EMEA. We have partnered with Cisco to offer a unique proposition for the channel designed to accelerate the provisioning and deployment of handsets when packaged with Broadsoft solutions.

We enable partners to take advantage of Cisco’s world-leading technology with an enhanced solution including provisioning, technical support, online and API ordering, installation services and reverse logistics management (RMAs).

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