ExtraHop is an IT operations and wire data analytics platform. It gives organisations unprecedented real-time visibility into everything occurring on their network through sophisticated intelligence and cloud-based machine learning.

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Get value from data you already have

By analysing every single digital interaction, an accurate and timely source of the truth is created for everyone from IT Operations to Security to the CIO, helping businesses to quickly react to challenges and rapidly harness opportunities. It’s real and actionable detail based on the data they already have available.

The ExtraHop platform transforms unstructured packets on the network into structured wire data. Hundreds of enterprises around the world have adopted this technology to:

  • Proactively manage application performance.
  • Optimise their infrastructure.
  • Identify security threats.
  • Analyse business operations.

Revelation without impacting performance

Finally, IT has a platform to mine real-time performance, security, and business insights from all data in motion with zero overhead to the environment. ExtraHop has the only programmable platform that scales at wire speed for real-time data extraction, indexing, analysis, and integration. While others may try to control your data, ExtraHop sets it free.

ExtraHop comes as an appliance-based solution, available as both physical or virtual devices. This gives freedom to choose the best deployment type for any given environment.


Why ExtraHop and Nuvias?

We’ll help you introduce this technology to your customers, so for the first time they can see what matters on their network. It’s a transformational approach, which is why we ensure that everything is in place ready for you to confidently take this to your customers. We provide the reassuring support you need – sharing everything from proof of value services through to design and implementation of a production-ready solution that delivers what it promises.

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