FileFacets specialises in online privacy compliance and enterprise analytics. Through sophisticated, easy-to-use tools they help organisations to locate and process structured and unstructured content buried within corporate networks, servers, content management systems, email, desktops, and laptops.  By discovering content and eliminating redundant data, FileFacets helps enterprises to better protect sensitive data, mitigate data risks, and support information governance efforts.

Importantly, content discovery is the result of user and IT-driven tools that are underpinned by artificial intelligence capabilities, meaning the platform learns as it goes to expedite the classification of content and execution of business processes to handle personal data.  This ensures projects can be delivered quickly and compliance posture is simply upheld.

With all sorts of industries becoming increasingly regulated, the need for powerful tools to support information governance is on the rise.  The FileFacets solution enables businesses to easily achieve data privacy compliance with all kinds of regulatory standards, including the GDPR.

GDPR Compliance

FileFacets provides the technology and methodology to help businesses comply with the GDPR by comprehensively identifying Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Content analytics can be regularly scheduled so the latest content containing PII can be discovered, moved, deleted, or secured in a safe environment.

FileFacets’ process for GDPR readiness is a series of data analytics, advanced searches, and business processes that ensure users:

  • Understand what data they have.
  • Identify personal data in their data stores.
  • Put business processes in place to best protect sensitive data, and
  • Have the ability to retrieve records that contain personal data should a request be made.

FileFacets Products

  • Content Dashboard
  • Subject Access Request
  • File Clean-up
  • Enterprise ID

FileFacets is delivered through the cloud as Software-as-a-Service and comprises of various modules to build a solution that best suits your customer’s needs.  These modules cover everything from a content dashboard that displays the results of content discovery, to file clean-up services and subject access requests that define data subject terms.


Why Nuvias and FileFacets?

Nuvias is FileFacets’ sole distributor in EMEA. Together we are helping our partners respond to the growing compliance burden that your customers are facing, in particular, the GDPR which is set to have a far-reaching impact for many organisations.  Our solutions are quick to deliver and help you to secure credibility in complex and particularly time-sensitive scenarios.

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