FireEye exists on the front line of cybersecurity – world-class security experts using world-class technology to protect your customers from the impacts they fear the most.

Such is the rate at which technology pervades our lives, evermore sophisticated threats are emerging to exploit the gaps that exist between the usual protection measures deployed, user technology, and emerging user behaviour.

To keep pace and close the security gap, FireEye believes that technology alone is not enough to properly safeguard an organisation. They have therefore adopted a unique innovation cycle that combines technology with human expertise to ensure their solutions progress at a speed not seen elsewhere in cybersecurity. It is this insight that enables them to build some of the best technologies in the industry and offer welcomed protection to organisations of all sizes.

Covering all aspects of cybersecurity, their services and solutions cover detection, protection, and investigation. Together, they exist as an on-demand extension of your customers’ security operations, united under one integrated platform – Helix™.

FireEye Products

  • Helix – Security Operations Platform
  • Network Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • Email Security
  • FireEye Threat Analytics
  • Managed Defence
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Security Suite


FireEye combines technology and expertise for the best possible security posture – ready to protect organisations against even the most advanced threats.


Why Nuvias and FireEye?

Nuvias is poised to assist our partner community in taking advantage of the new breed of intelligence-led security solutions that FireEye is forging. Through the adoption of FireEye’s flagship Helix security platform, we will help you to differentiate your security offering with advanced network and end-point security solutions, as well as market-leading threat intelligence.

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