Our market leading visibility solution spans the digital infrastructure and reliably provides access to rich and relevant network data. Ensure pervasive visibility for all your customers’ security and performance tools. Our customers can deliver the required security, performance and customer experience needed to keep their businesses running fast, while staying secure.

Gigamon Products

  • The Gigamon Network Visibility Fabric

Digital transformation is straining today’s networks with accelerating data velocities, increasing data volumes and sophisticated cyber-attacks. In a 100Gbps network, you only have 6.7 nanoseconds to open, extract, analyse and act on data-in-motion. With cloud migration and 5G adoption to also consider, network and security teams are challenged to improve network performance, availability and security, all while keeping up with business demands.

Enable your customers’ digital enterprise to run fast and stay secure with the only Network Visibility Fabric that can protect your infrastructure at line rate speeds.

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Gain comprehensive visibility to data in motion for:

  • Reliable access to data from physical, virtual and cloud networks
  • Layer 7 visibility for application classification and application specific traffic management
  • Delivery of only relevant traffic to analytics tools for increased ROI

Secure More.

Use network data to accelerate detection and response to:

  • Deliver high-quality traffic and actionable intelligence to tools
  • Decrypt once to analyze across tools for north-south and east-west traffic
  • Gain a 360° contextual view of real-time and historic network activity and cut investigation time

Be Empowered.

Enable resources and tools to be more efficient in order to:

  • Test and deploy tools, out-of-band and inline, faster and without network interruption
  • Save time and money during network upgrade cycles
  • Reduce overhead and inefficiencies to allow for better scaling

Why Nuvias and Gigamon?

The addition of Gigamon to the Advanced Networking portfolio is part of Nuvias’ strategy to build an ecosystem of technologies that work together to deliver solutions that will help customers create secure, application-ready networks that support their digital transformation. Gigamon gives users the ability to understand their infrastructure health, application and business performance, and network security, enabling them to make informed investment decisions, manage the change process, ensuring a greater return on their IT investments and a better service to their customers.

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