Developed by former US Air Force cybersecurity officers, Infocyte’s dedicated forensics-based threat hunting platform discovers the post-compromise activity of cyber attackers and malware that that have bypassed other defences.

Infocyte’s unique approach of assuming endpoints are already breached is helping organisations and independent assessors to discover new ways to defend their networks and critical information.

Infocyte Products

  • Infocyte HUNT

Meet the agentless threat hunting platform

Infocyte HUNT is a simple yet powerful solution for detecting if malware is present on network endpoints. It scans and discovers any post-intrusion activity, active or dormant, should conventional real-time defences be breached and a beachhead onto the network established. It reduces the time between infection and discovery, limiting potential damage.

Based on an agentless threat hunting platform, Infocyte HUNT will rapidly assess network endpoints for evidence of intrusion without the burden of complex appliances, or heavy software overheads on the endpoint. It complements traditional event-based security measures with forensic automation and memory analysis techniques to validate device integrity. Infocyte is the only solution that can objectively determine a network’s compromise status independent of the existing security stack.


Why Nuvias and Infocyte?

Nuvias is excited to bring simple, yet disruptive hunt technology to our partners and their customers. It’s at the cutting-edge of security threat detection and will be something many of our partners’ enterprise customers will want to take a look at. Accordingly, we have our sales and technical experts on hand to provide all the support you’ll need to create, close, and deliver on new opportunities.

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