As the creators of the world’s first Bluetooth headset and ultra noise-cancelling microphone, Jabra has earned a reputation for pioneering world-class audio and communication solutions.

Jabra develops and manufactures an extensive range of speakerphones and headsets for contact centre, office-based, and mobile phone users, delivering technology that blocks out external noise, enabling the user to focus on speaking and listening. It effortlessly improves the communication and collaboration process and elevates productivity within the workplace.

Jabra Products

  • Office headsets
  • Contact centre headsets
  • Speakerphones
  • Unified Communications
  • Small and medium business

Introduce world-class audio into every workspace

Ready to contend with even the most demanding working environments, Jabra devices seamlessly integrate with the desk phones, computers, and mobile phones your customers will already be using. Thanks to compatibility with all major Unified Communications (UC) platforms, Jabra headsets unite all these devices as one, so the highest quality of sound is enjoyed by every single user on every single device, in every single workplace.

With lots of choice in the Jabra product line-up there are plenty of options whatever your customers’ requirements or budget. All deliver class-leading sound, amazing noise cancellation, and incredible ease of use.

Likewise, helpful device support like Jabra Direct offers users the ability to customise the function of their headset and mould the technology around their personal workstyle. The result is happier, more productive users better able to connect and collaborate with the people who matter.


Why Nuvias and Jabra?

With a wealth of knowledge in our Unified Communications Practice, we understand the importance voice plays in the mix of communications solutions your customers are looking to deploy. Accordingly, we’re working with our partners to build expansive solutions that incorporate world-class audio technology from Jabra.
Our team of experts is ready to help you scope, design, and implement these solutions and respond to market trends for workplace modernisation and Unified Communications.

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